Monday, October 6, 2014

Unity Day


SCIP Wearing purple in support of  National Unity Day!

The Day of Unity is celebrated the first Monday in October. NCADV hopes that events in communities and regions across the fifty states will culminate in a powerful statement celebrating the strength of battered women and their children.

Walk A Mile 2014

Walk A Mile 2014

Shad Harger, Marlow Cherrington, Robert Gerold, Chip Maupin

 Ogallala Dance Team

 Rachell Lundberry
 Chip Maupin
 Shad Harger

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

SCIP 2nd Annual 2 Women Scramble Golf Tournament

SCIP 2nd Annual 2 Women Scramble Golf Tournament 2014

                                1st place- Leasy Groves & Michelle Quinn                                                                2nd place-Dessi Uphoff & Amberlee Martin                                                              3rd place- Kay Uphoff & Carol Sherman

                   Best dressed in purple- Dessi Uphoff and Amberlee Martin

As part of St. Luke's Catholic Church youth ministry service projects, members raised funds throughout the year to donate to the Sandhills Crisis Intervention Program.  Thank you St Lukes!!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Self Defense Class Garden County High School 2014

Garden County Self Defense Class

2014 "Love What's Real" Poster Contest Winners!


1st -Madhumita Elan                                                                             
  Ogallala Middle School

                                                                                             2nd-Ariana Mungia                                                                             Ogallala High School

3rd - Tileigh Pelham

South Platte High School

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Girl Scouts & Kiwanis Formula Drive

The Girl Scouts and Kiwanis teamed up and did a formula drive for SCIP !  They raised over $500 and several cans of formula! Thank you so much to both organizations!!!